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About Business Navigator


SME Business Navigator - is a free web tool for entrepreneurs, who are willing to open or to expand their own business and who want to work legally, pay all obligatory taxes and charges, earning for their future and for the future of their children.

By using SME Business Navigator, created on the basis of one-stop shop principle you can:

  • Choose a business. Learn more.
  • Create a preliminary business plan. Learn more.
  • Find where to get loan and apply for a guarantee. Learn more.;
  • Learn about support measures for SMEs. Learn more.;
  • Choose for your business premises available for rent. Learn more.
  • Be aware of biggest buyers’ purchase plans. Learn more.;

Access to business navigation is free, Sign in and open your business!


Operation principles of SME Business Navigator:

  • The main principle of SME Business Navigator is its orientation to the demands of entrepreneurs. From the beginning of its creation workgroup included representatives of public business associations of entrepreneurs (OPORA Russia, Business Russia, Chamber of Trade and Industry of Russia, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs), Agency for Strategic Initiatives, Associations of banks. At all stages of system creation we received the feedback from entrepreneurs during sessions of design thinking, conducted with support from Sberbank and Business Environment. (session from 23.03.2016, session from 27.04.2016).
  • Services of SME Business Navigator operate on the basis of official statistical data including data on average salary, taxes, other obligatory charges.
  • Parameters and types of most popular business types which are included to SME Business Navigator, are selected together with business associations of entrepreneurs. Types of support measures are elaborated together with banks, organizations of business support infrastructure, state bodies and local authorities.
  • Basic principle of starting own business with the help of Business Navigator is to find and to fill vacant market niche in the field of chosen business.

At the moment SME Business Navigator and Information Portal for Entrepreneurs of RSMB Corporation is in regime of public test operation with free access to its functions, suitable for using it while making decision on opening (expansion) of own business for individuals and SMEs.

We are ready for constant improvement of SME Business Navigator and are waiting for your suggestions in respect of the System and its services.

Your questions, suggestions and complaints about operation of SME Business Navigator you can direct using the “Contact us” form.


You can receive a consultation on how to work with Business Navigator if you call to free multi-channel telephone number +7 800 100-1-100.